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Plan Your Visit

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We are excited you have decided to join us for one of our scenic train rides, whether it is for one of our regularly scheduled train ride or a special event, we hope you enjoy yourself! Below is some information to help you enjoy your visit with us!

What You Need To Know

  • Trains run promptly as scheduled, so please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior.
  • While there are no bathrooms on the train cars, there are some at the station so please plan ahead before boarding the train.
  • Regularly scheduled train tickets are available for purchase at the Kempton station the day of your train ride. If you are attending a special event train ride, most require pre-purchased tickets, which can be purchased through our website. Please see the special event train ride you will be attending for more information!
  • The train station is located at 42 Community Center Dr, Kempton, PA 19529. Get directions today!

What To Bring to the Kempton Train Station

    • Cameras
    • Sunblock, if you plan on riding in the open car.
    • Children!

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered on this page?
Please check out our FAQ page or contact us with your questions!

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