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2024 Special Events

March 23rd & 24th, 2024: Come ride our Easter Bunny Express! Our friendly bunny will be anxiously awaiting your arrival! The Bunny Express takes you to Wanamakers and the Easter Egg Patch! Each child gets to select 3 eggs which may include a prize egg or a grand prize egg.
May 5, 2024: Take a special 40-minute ride with your furry friends! We will have a photographer on-site taking photos and our friends from Fresh Start Animal Rescue League will be here as well! Those who bring their furry friends will also receive a coupon for a FREE hot dog!
May 10 and 17, 2024: These special trips are provided on an as needed basis and are available to school/preschool groups. Our School Trips provide you and your children the opportunity to learn about history, transportation, its impact on industry and commerce, machinery, technology, science and physics! Contact us to
May 12, 2024: Join us for our “one of a kind” Mother’s Day Tea! You will board the train in Kempton and when you arrive in Wanamakers, disembark the train for tea! It will be served in the Wanamaker Station! Reservations ARE Required for Mother's Day Tea. RESERVATION DEADLINE FOR
May 19, 2024: These three gentlemen wear three different hats this day...Engineer - Conductor - Ragtime Piano-Player!!! Let our famous ragtime piano-playing conductors make your ride extra special as they tickle the ivories during this one-of-a-kind musical train ride. It's a little like Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first?" routine!!!
May 19, 2024: During the 1900's, students rode our line aboard the "Berksy" to go to school in Slatington! Well, the WK&S will be taking students to school again this year! Not to Slatington (that would be a very painful/impossible train ride) but to the Wanamaker Station for Pottery Classes!!!


Join Us at the WK&S Railroad

Step back into history and ride the WK&S Railroad! Unmatched in terms of authenticity and scenic diversity, a trip on the WK&S is like a trip back in time! During your 40-minute round trip, enjoy forests, streams, tree-covered hills, bridges and the two old-time towns of Trexler and Wanamakers.

During your ride, disembark the train for a picnic lunch at Fuhrman’s Grove, travel in an authentic caboose, or simply relax and enjoy the views.

In addition to our Sunday train rides (offered every Sunday, May through the first Sunday in November), we also offer a variety of special event train rides throughout the year for “kids” of all ages! There’s Easter Bunny…Bow Wow Express…Wine & Cheese…Apple Picking…Pumpkin Patch and ending our season with our Santa Claus Express!

Since things haven’t changed much over the last hundred years, a trip on the WK&S is an experience like none other! Located within easy driving distance of Pottsville, Reading, Allentown, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and more! Family Fun awaits you…All Aboard the WK&S Railroad!

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